Good Luck America Ep. #12 – “The Enemy Of The People” – Show Notes

Ohhhhhh look, someone here likes reading words more than hearing words! You must be so proud of yourself!

Anyway, you’ve come to the right place, assuming you were hoping to come to the place where we post links to all the articles we discussed on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. If you want to listen along again while you read, might we suggest you do it right damn here?

Convenient, no? Yes! Anyway, here are those links.

Jim Acosta Gets Harassed At A Trump Rally (Via Deadline Hollywood)

There are a million different outlets where you can read about what happened to Jim Acosta at a recent Trump rally. We chose to link to Deadline Hollywood, because it seemed like the weirdest possible choice.

Jim Acosta Video #1 – (Via Twitter)

That’s the first Jim Acosta video.

Jim Acosta Video #2 – (Via Twitter)

That’s the second Jim Acosta video.

Kids At Trump Rallies (Via New York Times)

A reminder that most people aren’t born assholes, their parents just make them that way.

Trump Will Have Blood On His Hands (Via New York Times)

Will Trump’s rhetoric inevitably lead to a high profile act of violence carried out against a journalist. Yep, it probably will.

Is The Press Playing Into Trump’s Hand? (Via Washington Post)

An interesting take from the Washington Post about whether reporters should even be attending Trump rallies.

The Katy Tur Monologue (Via Twitter)

Good for Tur. Ha! Get it?!?!?!?

A Pastor’s Prayer For Trump To Survive “Jungle Journalism” (Via CNN)

God doesn’t listen to this dude.

Get Yourself A CNN Shirt! (Via CNN)

I bought a CNN t-shirt this week. A year ago that would’ve made me feel like a chump. Now it feels like an act of protest. Get yourself one at the link above if you’re so inclined.