FIGHT! CAST! – UFC vs. WWE (w/Danger Van Gorder and Chet Wild)

Whoa! Better get in punchin’ shape! It’s time for another episode of FIGHT! CAST! This week, Countless Thousands front man Danger Van Gorder argues the merits of mixed martial arts and the UFC against devout wrestling fan and WWE enthusiast Chet Wild. Adam Tod Brown is your moderator. Who’s gonna yell first? Listen now and find out!


One thought on “FIGHT! CAST! – UFC vs. WWE (w/Danger Van Gorder and Chet Wild)

  1. As someone who isn’t a fan of either of these, I’ve gotta give it to Danger. When it comes down to it, Danger and Chet are arguing the merits of two different forms of entertainment. Danger’s basic point is that the UFC is a sport that you watch for the “battle of wills,” real-life physical combat aspect. While Chet keeps going on about the entertainment value of the WWE as a scripted, narrative story you can follow. The problem I have is that if I want scripted violence and narrative and physical specimens going fisticuffs, I’ll just watch a Marvel movie and be way more entertained.

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