FIGHT! CAST! – “Beyonce vs. Rihanna”

Whoa! It’s an all new episode of FIGHT! CAST! This week, Josh Denny and Chris Black take on a debate that will likely span the ages — Beyonce vs. Rihanna. Give it a listen now!


2 comments on “FIGHT! CAST! – “Beyonce vs. Rihanna”

  1. What the hell is wrong with Josh Denny? If you’re going to have a dialogue about two artists, it’s good for both talkers to actually have knowledge of who they’re talking about. Chris clearly knows the output of both artists, and Josh clearly does not. The man is talking out his ass, without any actual understanding of Beyonce’s music. It undermines the structure of the podcast to have someone who doesn’t know dick about the opposing side.

    And the “there are groups of feminists” line? Get outta here with you’re easy targets.

    Chris clearly won this right out the gate.

  2. Could we just make sure Josh Denny never talks about music again? Everyone else on this podcast is actually intelligent, and Josh is using the kind of argument I’d make in high school about music.

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