Episode 146: The Best Decade For Everything

What was the best decade for music? How about the best decade for movies? Okay, this one’s a little more difficult — what was the best decade to be a terrorist? On this episode of Unpopular Opinion, we answer those questions and so many more. Jeff May and Danger Van Gorder are the guests. You’re the audience. Let’s make love, so to speak. Not like actually making love. That’s sex. We’re not going to have sex. You should just listen to the podcast and hopefully laugh and we’ll make you feel good that way. Not in a sex way. Quit being weird.

Listen to the podcast in the player below or, if you’re one of those on-the-go types, download it here and take it with you.

One thought on “Episode 146: The Best Decade For Everything

  1. you just called nixon crazy for wanting to fire the guy leading his investigation. this was months before drumpf would fire comey in his own “saturday night surprise.”
    you also said he was the only one with the balls to just do what he wants. lololol you guys are fucking clairvoyant

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