Elvis Lives!


Did Elvis really die on the toilet from a drug overdose? Adam and Connor explore that question this week: here are some of the theories!


The First Sighting

This one suggests that the day Elvis “died,” he booked a flight under his pseudonym, John Burrows, to Argentina. No one by that name is recorded as landing in Argentina, but someone did book the flight under that name! Also an Argentinian military member who was working at the airport in 1977 claims a Pan Am flight landed there, and that was weird, because it was the first time such a craft had landed at that particular airport.

Sounds like a hoax but whatever, it’s fun.


The Pool House Door Photo

This one is best understood by watching this short Larry King segment about the alleged “pool house door photo,” which claims to show Elvis lounging in the pool house at Graceland.


Elvis Was An Extra In Home Alone

I think we can all agree this is legit. If looking like Elvis was easy the world would be filled with Elvis impersonators!


The Mafia Theory

This, on the other hand, is really fucking interesting and even makes the Argentina thing feel a little more believable. It suggests that the FBI enlisted Elvis’ help in bringing down a criminal organization called The Fraternity and that he had to go into witness protection to avoid being murdered. The FBI denies this, of course, but sure enough, among the 668 pages of documents they eventually released about Elvis (available on my fave site, fbivault.gov) they talk about something called Operation Fountain Pen, which was an actual FBI operation aimed at bringing down a group of smugglers known as…The Fraternity. It mentions that the a man named Freddie Pro, one of the smugglers, swindled Elvis and his dad Vernon out of a plane and more than $400,000. Vernon did, in fact, testify in the case. Elvis died the day before indictments were handed down against five men, including Freddie Pro, who were later convicted and sentenced to prison.

The thing keeping this theory going is that there are still hundreds of pages of those documents that remain classified. Weirdly, the reasons given are “national security and foreign policy.” Like foreign policy as in maybe we’ve agreed to not reveal that we send famous people under witness protection to Argentina? Goddammit I feel like this one might be legit!

In fact not only do I think Elvis maybe didn’t die, now I’m not so sure about Tupac either!


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