You Should Watch This Documentary – The Confession Tapes

In today’s episode of You Should Watch This Documentary, Adam, Jess, and MonRok discuss The Confession Tapes. This one’s a two-parter, so be sure to check out both!




The Confession Tapes


This documentary on true crime exposes the manipulative psychological tactics detectives used during interrogation to coerce false confessions out of people in cases they didn’t have enough evidence to convict on.

Recent studies show that this issue is pervasive and widespread. Researchers on a recent study at University of Michigan and Northwestern University law schools found that “for homicide exonerations, the leading cause of false conviction is perjury or false accusations, mostly deliberate misidentifications. Homicide cases also include a high rate of official misconduct, and 74% of all false confessions in the database.”

It is also, tellingly, a greater issue among youth under 18 who have been convicted of a crime they did not commit. “Thirty-eight percent of exonerations for crimes allegedly committed by youth under 18 in the last quarter century involved false confessions,” according to reporter Zusha Eilson.

Listen to the two-part episode to hear what Adam, Jess, and MonRok think!


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