Conspiracy! The Show – Ep. 72 – “The Space Shuttle Challenger Conspiracy”

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In the name of providing a little background, in 2015, a conspiracy theory started making the rounds that claimed the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger is still alive and that disaster was just a cover for some other, unnamed government mission. Here’s a video about it.

Sounds crazy, for sure. But you haven’t seen the pictures yet.

Richard Scobee, Commander

L-R: Richard Scobee, Richard Scobee

Do these two look alike? Yeah, hell yeah they do. Does it prove there was a conspiracy involving the Space Shuttle Challenger? No, but still. We talk about a few other similarities between these two on the episode.

Michael Smith, Pilot

L-R: Michael Smith, Michael Smith

Okay, but why wouldn’t any of these people change their names? Well, in the case of Michael Smith, do you really need to? What are you gonna do, Google the name Michael Smith? Try it right now! It’s pretty easy to hide in plain sight with a name like that.

Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist

L-R: Carl McNair, Ronald McNair

A fun moment in this episode is when Andy Sell argues that he doesn’t see the similarity between these two. Why is that funny? Because the official explanation in this case is that Carl McNair is Ronald McNair’s real-life twin brother.

Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist

L-R: Claude Onizuka, Ellison Onizuka

Same deal here. The explanation is that Ellison has a real-life twin brother named Claude. No doppelgangers here, folks!

Christa McAuliffe, Mission Specialist

L-R: Christa McAuliffe, Sharon McAuliffe

These two don’t look alike at all. There’s also no modern day twin for payload specialist Greg Jarvis. How does the conspiracy community explain this plot hole? They were the two expendable crew members who really did die on the space shuttle, of course.

Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist

L-R: Judith Resnik, Judith Resnik

In this website’s humble opinion, this is the most interesting example, not just because of the facial similarities.

There’s also some weird background information that conspiracy theorists point to when making the case that these two Resniks are one in the same. Also they’re totally the same person.

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