Conspiracy! – Who Killed Tupac?

On this week’s episode of Conspiracy! The Show, Adam and Connor discuss a number of different theories about who killed Tupac Shakur! Listen to the episode here:

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1. The Official Explanation – Orlando Anderson Killed Him

This is easily the most boring explanation of all. It claims that Tupac was killed by–get this–the guy he beat the shit out of publicly just hours earlier. Psh.

2. Suge Knight Had Him Killed

Like, Suge Knight a) is a terrible human being, b) had other people killed before, c) knew Tupac was getting ready to leave Death Row Records over money issues and d) was in the car right next to him when he was killed. This is just really not a far-fetched theory.

3. He Faked His Own Death

This one is dumb because there’s, like, no evidence…but also the best one because of wishful thinking.

4. Ruthless Records Killed Him Out Of Revenge Over Death Row Stealing Their Artists

I mean, probably not? But both Tupac and Eazy-E were threatened and extorted by the Jewish Defense League and an unknown organized crime figure (maybe Suge Knight) in the weeks and months before they both died, so it’s possible.

5. Snoop Dogg’s Cousin Lil’ Half Dead Killed Him Over Stolen Songs

Suge Knight himself seems to be propagating this one, idea being that he was actually the target, not Tupac. But…#2 though.

6. The CIA Had Him Killed

Tupac was not exactly an apolitical figure, and the CIA has this inclination to, y’know, murder Black movement leaders, so this is not actually a bad theory.


Tupac Uncensored and Uncut – The Lost Prison Tapes


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