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Hey folks, we’ve got some exciting stuff going on here at Unpops! Maybe you heard about it on the extra special bonus podcast episode we put up earlier today. If not, that’s a thing you can do right now if you’re so inclined…

…but by all means, keep reading too!

After years of bringing you quality material every week, we have finally graduated to the next stage of podcast development: bringing you quality material every day.

Well kind of.  Monday through Friday.  What do you expect of us anyway? We’re not made of free time.

Now don’t worry.  Our weekly episode won’t be changing a bit, and you can still find it in all the same places you do now.  And it’s still free.

If that’s not enough for you (and let’s be real, of course once a week isn’t enough), those other four weekly episodes will be available for a teeny-tiny monthly subscription fee. Like even people who maybe only make $13.47 an hour and have two spoiled cats who eat wet food like goddamn princesses will be able to afford it, to give a general example that has nothing to do with me or my cats.

And charging even that negligible subscription fee allows us to keep bringing you the show ad-free, which makes for the pleasant, peaceful listening experience you’ve all come to love at Unpopular Opinion.

So what’s the Kickstarter campaign for, you’re probably asking?  Good question!

For this podcast to live up to its full, glorious potential, we are in desperate need of a new studio.


Check Out Our Kickstarter Campaign! | Unpopular Opinion

As you can see.


There’s a whole video about it on the Kickstarter page.  It’s hilarious.  You should watch it, even if you don’t want to give us any money.

But if you DO want to give us money, you can get an assortment of cool rewards, as outlined.

Check it out, support us any way you can, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

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