The 20 Best Obscure Nirvana Songs (Part Two)

Good news! There’s a new episode of Heart Shaped Pod, our Nirvana fan podcast, available now. Give it a listen!



This week, hosts Adam Tod Brown and Travis Clark conclude their rundown of the 20 best obscure Nirvana songs of all-time. In case you missed it, you can check out the first half of the list (and the accompanying podcast) right here.

For added convenience, we’ve compiled all of the songs from this week’s show into a handy playlist. We even embedded right here on this page! See if you can find it!



Hey, great job! Unless you still managed to miss it, you blind bastard (apologies to those simply experiencing browser issues).

Anyway, you’ll note that the songs featured this time around are significantly heavier than what was on the previous list. Sure, we start off with the Dave Grohl-fronted “Marigold” which is the opposite of heavy, but still. You get what we mean.

This isn’t coincidence. We built the lists that way because we’re really smart and good at what we do. Nirvana was a band with a lot of different sides and personalities. Their sound varies wildly from Bleach to Nevermind to In Utero (and at all of the various stops between). We did our best to include rarities and lesser-known songs that reflected all of those changes. If we’re being completely honest, we totally nailed it. Listen now!

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