The Best Cartoons Of the ’90s

Thank God it’s Friday! Because that means there’s a new episode of LIST! CAST! This week, comics Dani Fernandez, Jeff May, and Vanessa Gritton argue about the best cartoons of the 90s. Adam Tod Brown sits in the engineer chair and attempts to keep things as reigned in and on topic as possible. An audience watching live on the internet decides the eventual winner. Fun is had by all. You should listen to it right goddamn now.

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Also, we’re doing a new thing with these episodes going forward. Even if you weren’t able to be a part of the live stream, you can still vote on the outcome. Granted, it will be well after the recording has ended, thus making your vote kind of irrelevant. But hey, you’re probably used to that by now, provided you live in the United States.

Vote Here!

Anyway, here’s the poll for this week’s episode. You’ll note that, unlike during the live recordings, there’s an option that allows you to enter your own answer. We acknowledge this will undoubtedly lead to a deluge of votes for #FastballAtChets. That’s fine, we understand. That said, we’re also hoping it leads to you giving us the scoop on all of the things you wish would’ve been on the list. Hell, maybe if the array of write-in responses are vast and diverse enough, we’ll do this episode again at some point in the future. You can literally be a guiding hand in the destiny of this show! Vote now!

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