#195: God Frickin’ Slaps (w/ Sean Hyatt & Max Hawksford)

Wolfgang is back, Bleaklings! Kevin gets a hot update on Wolfie’s life before he chats with Matt about hot dates and sweaty advice. Then, comedian / homecoming royalty Sean Hyatt returns to the show to riff with the boys on dance anxiety, high school party buses, and near death experiences. Plus, Millennial Pastor Lars stops by the studio to hype up his hip church and bring a little Jesus into the lives of Ross Dress For Less customers!

Conspiracy! The Show – Ep. 31 – “Documentary Review: Wormwood (Conspiracy! The Show Legacy Collection)”

Originally recorded in March 2018, available publicly for the first time, Adam and Connor review the insane Netflix documentary Wormwood, which tells the tale of a guy the CIA secretly dosed with LSD to the point he jumped out a window. At least that’s the version of events they want you to believe.

#194: Random Acts of Diabetes (w/ Brandie Posey & Erik Barnes)

Welcome to a crisply refreshing installment of Bleak in Review! Matt and Kevin talk of chat rooms, Matt’s weekend fatigue, and Kevin’s trippy arcade times. Then, comedian and one-third of the Lady to Lady podcast Brandie Posey stops by to chat with the boys about her take on astrology and fictional childhood heroes. Plus, gnome real estate agent Chuddles Pinkelvoss stops by to pitch some gingerbread properties and Brandie unleashes a slew of classic catchphrases! With Erik Barnes.