Adam Tod Brown

Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #1: Pay It Forward”

Welcome to the first of many Bleak in Review Quarantine Quickies, inspired by the fact that Kevin can’t leave his home! In this short episode, Kevin waxes on rude apocalypse people and answers YOUR questions submitted via social media! Plus, the debut of the first single from Kevin’s upcoming (hopefully) hip hop EP “The Quarantine Titan” entitled “Bidet Liotta.” Stay safe and follow Kevin @KBAndersonYo and this podcast @BleakPod!

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Bleak in Review – “#226: Flex Luthor (w/ Derrick Lemos & Ethan Stanislawski)”

This week, Bleak is once again interrupted by a very topical mini-episode of Politics Schmolitics before Kevin takes control of the situation and waxes on the coronavirus pandemic. Then, comedian Derrick Lemos (@DerrickLemos) returns to the show to chat with Kev about young love, terrifying mountain mists, and disruptive political activism. Plus, noted Hollywood celebrity Jesse Eisenberg (@EthanStanComedy) joins the show to talk with Kevin and Derrick about his very specific lifelong vendetta against a single LA comedian.

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Bleak in Review – “#225: The Schwag Shack (w/ Sam Harter & Rivers Langley)”

Holy political intro, Bleakman! Today’s episode is briefly interrupted by some hot news from the Politics Schmolitics podcast before Kevin waxes on Super Tuesday and an Anamanaguchi show he attended. Then, comedian Sam Harter (@SlamHarter) from The Goods From The Woods joins the show for the first time to chat with Kevin about BB gun foibles, hard Texas drinking, and quitting various bad habits. Plus, The Scourge of the West himself, Kelvin Centigrade (@RiversLangley), returns to the show to update listeners on the goings on of Burndown, TX and detail some strange attempts at gaining admittance to country clubs!

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Bleak in Review – “#224: Beezlebud & Mephistoke (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Jeff May)”

Bleak is back with a real-deal Holyfield episode this week, folks! Kevin kicks things off by waxing philosophically about naked actors before sitting down with comedians / Unpops network champions Adam Tod Brown (@adamtodbrown) and Jeff May (@heytherejeffro) to talk about misplaced pets, big marriage lies, and odd barfs. Plus, man-of-God Father Topher stops by to discuss Lent, do push ups, and attempt to absolve everyone of sin!

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Bleak in Review – “#223: Pocket Biscuits (w/ Whitney Melton & Tom Farnan)”

Kevin greets Bleak-heads this week with an uninterrupted intro about Valentine’s Day and setting boundaries. Then, comedians Whitney Melton (@whitneysmelton) and Tom Farnan (@TomFarnan) return to the show to chat with Kevin about why cars should be illegal, their variety show Robot Party (@robotpartyusa), and a very specific hypothetical situation involving meals. Plus, the gang answers YOUR questions as submitted through social media channels in a thoughtful and goofy installment of “Ask Velvet Tom!”

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Bleak in Review – “#222: The Three-Finger Muskrat (w/ Carter Glascock & Matt Brousseau)”

Bleak is briefly interrupted this week by rap-battle podcast “Poddy-bagged” before Kevin chats about some odd Super Bowl bets he made! Then, comedian Carter Glascock (@Carter_Glascock) joins the show to chat with Kevin about a house fire that stunted his manhood and a ridiculous story of football and bowel movements. Plus, noted baseball boy Thorn Gunslinger (@CapitalCityInc) returns to the show to chat with the guys about the history and current scandals of America’s favorite pastime!

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Bleak in Review – “#221: Reese’s Divabutter Cup (w/ Jessica Singer & Cindy Aravena)”

Bleak in Review is pleasantly interrupted this week by relaxation podcast Sleepin’ With Da Fishes before Kevin launches into another installment of “Catching Up on Movies!” Then, comedians / Bleak All-Stars Jessica Singer (@jessica420bro) and Cindy Aravena (@cindyaravenajr) stop by to chat with Kevin about writing utensil mishaps, high school fashion, and their first enemies. Plus, Hollywood agent Paula Jewamatti and her assistant Garrick return to discuss a bold new business venture and reveal a twist in their relationship!

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Bleak in Review – “#220: Black Mold Son (w/ Aaron Weaver & Aubrey Jacobowitz)”

Rejoice, Bleaklings! Kevin comes to you entirely free of other podcast interruptions this week to discuss Oscar films and Christian video game reviews. Then, comedian Aaron Weaver (@AaaaronWeaver) returns to the show to chat with Kevin about childhood cookie squabbles, brain-damaging mold, and horrific stories of rat infestations. Plus, millennial actress Aubrey Hepburn (@femmist) returns to the show with an animal friend to promote her new branded content on TikTok! This episode is brought to you by Burt Beanbricks: Freelance Party Guest.

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Bleak in Review – “#219: Dong Quixote (w/ Vanessa Gritton & Frankie Griffin)”

Welcome back! In this episode of Bleak in Review, Kevin is once again interrupted by another podcast entitled “Men Who Specifically Kill Women.” Then, actor / comedian / member of the Hollywood elite Vanessa Gritton (@nesgritton) returns to the show to chat with Kevin about some baffling childhood memories, dealing with the stresses of “making it,” and her funniest fart. Plus, erotic filmmaker Whoreson Welles (@FrankieG_Baby) stops by to tell tales from his illustrious career in pornography and engage V and Kev in some radio plays!

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