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Bleak in Review – “Quarantine Quickie #23: The Thin Blue Laugh (w/ Ronald Metellus)”

Welcome back to a less angry episode of Bleak in Review! In this installment, Kevin waxes about more familial political discourse and intoxicated revelations about currency. Then, comedy writer Ronald Metellus (@ronaldmetellus) returns to the show all the way from The City of Brotherly Love to chat with Kevin about the fall of The Comedy Store, some do’s and don’t in online callout culture, and the Chicago lockdown experience!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #22: D’Elete Your Account”

Happy Juneteenth, everybody! Kevin continues to shout into the void about current events, but this time with a hallucinogenic twist! Topics include (but are not limited to) comedy creeps, the curse of the Devil’s Advocate, and, as per usual, Nazis.

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #21: Defund the Police Plz”

Kevin is doing fine, everybody! And you’re gonna hear allll about it as he rambles angrily (but also in a humorous fashion at times!) about defunding the police, cowardly NASCAR drivers, and having “the talk” with family members about systemic racism! Remember when this was a comedy show? Haha!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #20: What a F*cking Week”

Bleak In Review finally lives up to its name! Kevin gives an update of his experiences during this undoubtedly historic week in human history, full of protest stories, political ponderings, and calls to action!

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Unpopular Opinion – Ep. 347 – George Floyd

Adam talks to comedian Atif Myers and music producer Sliceberg Slim about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. Also includes a drop in interview with Unpops listener Ben Faulding, who was on the ground at the NYC protests. Listen Here iTunes: Spotify: Megaphone: Stitcher: …

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #19: Disease Ansari (w/ Adam Cozens)”


Welcome to Friday, Bleaklings! In this Quarantine Quickie, Kevin (@KBAndersonYo) riffs on Target lootings and desperately needed socializing. Then, comedian Adam Cozens (@AdamCozens27) joins the show for the VERY FIRST TIME to have a good ol’ fashion laugh riot with Kev about billion dollar toothpaste ideas, HILARIOUS T-shirt designs, and starting a comedy career out of spite. This episode is brought to you by Mantooth & Clan D.D.S.! Special thanks to Ian Ager (@IanAger) for this week’s sponsored content!

Check out Adam’s comedy special here!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #18 Patreon Teaser (w/ Radostin Zahariev)”

A little snippet of this week’s Patreon episode of the dang ol’ Bleak in Review podcast featuring comedian Radostin Zahariev (@RadostinZ). To hear the full thing, head on over to and sign up for additional content today!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #17: Truth Jesters!!! (w/ Olivia Haidar)”

BLEAK IN REVIEW CONTINUES TO BE A PATREON THING! Go here, give money if you can, take money if you can’t, and have a good time:

Welcome back to your own personal pandemic podcast party! In this installment of Bleak in Review’s Quarantine Quickies, Kevin (@KBAndersonYo) reintroduces the show before chatting about bad band names and gross genres of music. Then, comedian / Unpops colleague Olivia Haidar (@hitherehaidar) returns to the show from 2,500 miles away to goof it up with Kev about being a TRUTH TELLER, the parts of stand up comedy that will hopefully evaporate because of pandemic, and whether or not most people are actually good. This episode is brought to you by AmazonX2.brain!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #15: Tik Tok Toad (w/ Cindy Aravena)”

BLEAK IN REVIEW CONTINUES TO BE A PATREON THING! Go here, give dollars, get content, stay smooooooth: You will most likely not regret it!

Welcome back, fellow survivors! In this installment of the Quarantine Quickie franchise, Kevin prattles on about Waco spoilers, quarantine jam sessions, and Zoom comedy show gatekeepers. Plus, long-time friend of the show / comedian extraordinaire Cindy Aravena (@cindyaravenajr) is on the line to chat with Kevin about symbiotic relationships, varying stages of Pandemic DABDA, and intensifying stay-at-home personalities. This episode is brought to you by Scotie’s Ball Hut!

Thank you to Nadav Fleisher (@im_nadav_hello) for providing this episode’s sponsored content!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #14: PATREON TEASER (w/ John Fahy)”

Ooooh, it’s another tasty bit of some of that good, good Patreon content from Bleak in Review! To hear the full episode, head on over to and consider pledging a few bucks to unlock all the bonus content your heart desires!

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