Announcement: The 12 Pods of Christmas

Full disclosure: If you’d prefer to hear me say the words below instead of  you having to read them, give this short announcement a listen.

Otherwise…Hey everybody! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all of the other assorted seasonal greetings to you! This is Adam. I run the Unpops Podcast Network and host the Unpopular Opinion podcast and a bunch of other podcasts and, hey, you probably already know that.

Now, like most other entertainment related endeavors, the Unpops Network is mostly taking the week off. But don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you lonely on Christmas. Whether you have hours and hours of travel in your future, or just want an excuse to tune out your insane family for a little while each day this week, Unpops is here for you!

From Monday through Saturday, each day, we’re gonna drop two episodes into the main Unpops feed and on this damn website. One at 6am PT, and one at 9am PT.


We’re calling it the 12 Pods of Christmas, because the holidays are no time to be overly creative.

Episodes of what? Glad you asked! Episodes of all the stuff we offer over at the Unpops Patreon. The stuff you normally have to pay for.

Stuff like Jose CanseCast, a new podcast about baseball legend Jose Canseco that’s hosted by me and Jeff May.

Or the Burner Phone Show, a super fun call-in show where listeners like you get to ask me and an assortment of guests whatever goddamn question is on your mind. It’s not like we can afford a call screener, you know?

Or Doc Jamz! The documentary podcast I host with Caitlin Cutt of Pretty Scary and White Wine True Crime fame. Or Pretty Carey! The Mariah Carey podcast I host with Kari Martin of Pretty Scary and White Wine True Crime fame!

And so much more! If it inspires you to subscribe on Patreon and hear all the other stuff we’re up to over there, hey, that’s great! If not, also great! I’m just happy you’re listening at all in any capacity. Enjoy the free episodes. Hopefully they bring you at least a scant amount of joy this holiday season.

I tried my best to make sure the episodes we’re releasing this week are also episodes that won’t bum you out and strip you of all hope for the future. For stuff like that, you’ll have to wait until December 30th when we resume normal operations with an absolute barn burner of an Unpopular Opinion episode about the 2020 election featuring comedians Erik Barnes and Matt Lieb.

Until then, please be as safe and happy as you can possibly be this week. Enjoy the podcasts. If you’re subscribed to the main Unpopular Opinion podcast, they’ll automatically download each day and you don’t have to do another damn thing. If you’re not, I mean, please do that at any of these links:






But also you can get all the episodes right here on this site. Just keep your eye on the homepage each day.

Alright, that’s it! Thanks! We straight up love you!