An Historic #MeToo Moment (At McDonald’s) – Good Luck, America – Ep. 19 Show Notes

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As you likely recall, this week’s topic was the historic #MeToo strike that happened at McDonald’s locations in 10 cities across the United States. It’s a hugely important situation that isn’t getting anything close to the amount of attention it deserves. Here! Read about it!

McDonald’s Workers Stage #MeToo Strike Over Sexual Harassment (via Associated Press)

A good rundown of the moments that led up to last Tuesday’s walkout. Written by the Associated Press. A name you can trust, depending on which conspiracy theories and/or political beliefs you hold dear.

Restaurant Workers Are More Likely To Face Sexual Harassment Than Most (via Vox)

This article from Vox includes some further details about the McDonald’s walkout. It also goes into detail about how pervasive sexual harassment is in the fast food industry in general and some similar McDonald’s related incidents from the past.

The Victims Speak Out (via FightFor15)

This video, released by the group that organized the strikes, FightFor15, definitely deserves a few more views.

How about you be one of those views right damn now?

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