If You Got A Problem Ep. 7 – “Choosing The Perfect Weapon”

Have you heard the latest episode of our competitive advice podcast, If You Got A Problem? You probably have if you’re reading this, because we told you to come here to help us decide who gave the best advice. If you haven’t listened to it, you can do that right now right damn here:

If you’ve never listened before, as stated previously, If You Got A Problem is a competitive advice podcast featuring Raquelle Jason, Jeff May, and me, Adam Tod Brown. Jeff and Raquelle give the advice, I decide whose advice is best. At least that’s how it used to work. Now I just kind of hang out and you get to decide the winner. Listen to the episode and vote below!

Is there a correct weapon to buy when you’re embroiled in a bitter custody hearing? Absolutely not! But Jeff and Raquelle attempted to answer the question anyway.

Have you ever seen that episode of Perfect Strangers where that wacky mix-up happens with an engagement ring? That episode and this question are pretty much the same thing.

What do you do when your little sister doesn’t want to hang out with you anymore? Not little sister in the blood relative sense, but in the “Big Brothers/Big Sisters” program kind of way.

A woman working in a male-dominated environment getting consistently passed up for promotions she deserves? Get right the fuck outta here! When does that ever happen? (It happens all the time. Way too much.)

Sure, I mean, we might as well start practicing how to answer this question now. Chances are we’ll have to answer it in real life here in the United States sooner than later.

And there you have it! Hopefully by the time you reach this point in this post you will have voted already. Be sure to check out the next episode to hear the eventual winner gloat and whatnot.

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