The Most Under-Reported Bad News of 2017

With Brett Rader and Tom Reimann! You know 2017 was bad, but do you know how bad it really was? With all the awful things that did manage to make headlines this year, a bunch of other equally terrible stories flew mostly under the radar. We talk about some of them on this episode. Oh, […]

Unpopular Opinion Ep. 220 - Is the Albuquerque PD Still Crazy?

Is the Albuquerque PD Still Crazy?

Adam welcomes Aaron Pita and John Fahy from the Profiles In Eccentricity podcast to check back in with the most “eccentric” (meaning violent) police force in the United States to see if anything’s changed since the Department of Justice asked the Albuquerque PD to stop killing people back in 2014. Listen to the episode below… […]