Conspiracy! – Who Killed Tupac?

On this week’s episode of Conspiracy! The Show, Adam and Connor discuss a number of different theories about who killed Tupac Shakur! Listen to the episode here:     …or better yet, listen and subscribe on iTunes! Maybe even give us a good rating while you’re at it!   Synopsis   1. The Official Explanation […]

What in the World? – Catalonia

So what’s the deal with Catalonia (or Catalunya, as it’s called in the region)? Something about independence from Spain? Why do they want it, and why doesn’t Spain’s government want them to have it? Adam and Quincy talk about it in this week’s episode:     Cool people also save themselves the trouble of listening […]

The Monday Show – Hotel California

Today! On The Monday Show! We’re taking on Louis CK and the comedy industry, Trump’s (predictably) horrible tax plan, and some of your lovely questions! Listen below, or better yet, listen, subscribe and rate us on iTunes or anywhere else fine podcasts can be found!     Synopsis   Louis CK, right? But he’ll probably […]

Unpopular Opinion Ep. 216 – 5 Enemy Names You Might As Well Learn Now

This week Adam and Jeff talk about some of the upcoming names you’ll be hearing about as enemies of America with our guests Randall Maynard of fame and Connor McSpadden from the Mean Boys podcast and our own Conspiracy! The Show! There’s also some reminiscing on the contentiousness of the last time these particular guests […]