The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Are you familiar with the Rendlesham Forest Incident? It’s a 1980 UFO sighting commonly referred to as “the Roswell of England”. The story is fascinating, and you can hear all about it on this week’s episode of Pretty Scary: Kari couldn’t make it this week, but Adam and Caitlin reluctantly power on nonetheless. So you’re not […]

Preexisting Conditions (and Other Health Care Questions) Explained

Health care is the country’s go-to talking point right now, at least during those moments when we want to break from talking about Russia. When it comes to details about health care, preexisting conditions are an especially confusing and contentious topic. So, it should come as no surprise that both of those things make up […]

Why Isn’t Wonder Woman Being Promoted More?

Welcome to the start of your week! How about kicking things off by listening to the latest episode of The Monday Show? We’ve got that for you right here: Even better, we’ve assembled the notes from this week’s recording so you don’t have to follow along blindly like some kind of uninformed boob. No, you’ll […]